About Us
In 1988, John Moore decided he wanted a lawn sprinkler
system like many of his neighbors in Fairfax Station,
Virginia.  Being a  handy guy, John designed and built his
own system to commercial standards and that fall, he
winterized his system with his air compressor.  At the
neighborhood Christmas party that year, several
neighbors asked John to winterize their sprinkler
systems because the companies that installed their
sprinkler systems were charging outrageous prices for
their unreliable and sometimes incompetent service.  
The next fall John put a two-line ad in the community
newsletter and was deluged with calls.  Within 5 years
John was regularly winterizing over 300 customers within a 5-mile radius of his home.  When an early
customer referred to him casually as the “Sprinkler Man”, John’s new business had a name!  As the
micro niche weekend-only business grew, John trained 3 Associate Sprinkler Men, and after 15 years,
John sold the business in 2004 to an Associate, Jeff Uffelman, a civil engineering graduate from
Virginia's Old Dominion University.  Now John occasionally works for Jeff!  Today Jeff still holds true to
providing his customers with timely, convenient and competitive service.  

Under Jeff's management, The
SprinklerMan has been adding new clients  and adding additional
irrigation and other lawn services.  We now provide complete Professional Outdoor services in
irrigation, low voltage lighting and drainage solutions with a client base of over 750 households..
John Moore
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